Racer Club Labs monitors Ethereum merge closely while consolidating launch partners

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia — Warrp’s new gaming development studio is building on the Ethereum mainnet during a time when a merge of the blockchain’s long-planned upgrade is set to happen.

Racer Club Labs is set to launch its racing game platform on the Ethereum blockchain however is still keeping options open while assessing the features and performance of the new Ethereum 2.0 rollout.

The rollout will see the Ethereum blockchain move from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake which means conventional mining rigs will no longer be needed to operate the blockchain which according to the developers will save around 99% of energy.

From a performance standpoint, it is also touted that speeds of the network could be much quicker as well as the ability to withstand heavy loads which means lower gas fees.

High gas fees has been a common issue on the Ethereum network and previously this has spurred other lower or zero gas fee blockchains to form such as Solana, ImmutableX, Avalanche and others layer 2 networks.

Warrp stands optimistic about the merge where it sees an opportunity for incumbent projects to develop on top of what they’ve already built offering more utility and value to current and new community participants.

“The merge on the Ethereum chain is underway and I am already seeing reduced gas fees in just the most basic transactions. Ultimately this is great for user adoption but it also improves carbon footprint which is definitely a win-win for planet Earth,” says Matthew Ng, Co-Founder of Racer Club Labs.

“We have been tempted with partnerships on other layer 2 chains but we remain focused at building on the mainnet as we see ample opportunities to work with existing projects that have amazing communities already built.

“Our market research is telling us that existing collectors of NFTs will much prefer functional usage of what they already have versus obtaining new NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Because NFTs and tokens are immutable, it makes more sense to work with what is already existing instead of re-inventing the wheel from scratch,” says Mr. Ng.

The Racer Club game will look to host 2,500 Ethereum based NFT projects and their communities in a competitive and immersive blockchain based racing game.

Racer Club Labs is in discussions with Epic Games and Unreal Engine to form strategic partnerships to produce the first AAA web 3 game that does not offer its own game token or NFTs.

Instead, the game will allow existing Ethereum mainnet NFT projects to use their ERC-721 NFTs and ERC-20 tokens natively in the game and re-purpose them for their communities.

To read the Whitepaper of the Racer Club project, visit the website at https://racerclub.game and follow the project on Twitter @RacerClubLabs for updates.

If interested in establishing a partnership with Racer Club Labs, contact vince@warrp.it for any investment or partnership enquiries.

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